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You can find more information about Fr. John A. Hardon’s works, and you can purchase many of them online at the Eternal Life website.

The following is a list of many of Fr. Hardon’s publications:

  • Christianity in Conflict: A Catholic View of Protestantism, Newman Press: 1959
  • All My Liberty: Theology of the Spiritual Exercises, Eternal Life: 1998
  • Teaching Devotion to the Sacred Heart, Loyola University Press: 1963
  • For Jesuits: 1963
  • The Hungry Generation: Religious Attitudes and Needs in a State University, Newman: 1967
  • The Spirit and Origins of American Protestantism: A Sourcebook in Its Creeds, Pflaum Press: 1968
  • The Protestant Churches of America: 2d ed. 1968, rev. ed., Doubleday & Co Inc.: 1981
  • Religions of the Orient—A Christian View, Loyola University Press: 1970
  • American Judaism, Loyola University Press: 1971
  • The Catholic Catechism: A Contemporary Catechism of the Teachings of the Catholic Church, Image: 1975
  • Holiness in the Church, Eternal Life: 1976
  • Religious Life Today, St. Paul Editions: 1977
  • Christianity in the 20th Century, Image Books, 2d. ed. 1972, rev. ed. 1978
  • Salvation and Sanctification, Eternal Life: 2000
  • Theology of Prayer, Eternal Life: 2000
  • Modern Catholic Dictionary, Eternal Life: 2008
  • The Question and Answer Catholic Catechism, Hippo Books: 1981
  • Religions of the World, Image Books: 2d. ed.: 1981
  • Pocket Catholic Dictionary, Image Books: 1985
  • Family Consecration Prayer Book, Apostolate for Family Consecration: 1986
  • The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom, Doubleday: 1987
  • Basic Catholic Catechism: Fundamentals of Catholic Doctrine for Catechists, The Catholic Voice of America: 1987
  • The Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan, Doubleday: 1989
  • Pocket Catholic Catechism, Mass Market: 1989
  • Catholic Catechist’s Manual: 1989
  • The Catholic Answer Book: 1989
  • Catholic Life, Doubleday: 1989
  • Heart of the Redeemer: An Apologia for the Contemporary and Perennial Value of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Manassas Trinity Communications: 1989
  • Masters of the Spiritual Life: 1990
  • Great Marian Writers: 1990
  • The Catholic Family in the Modern World, The Leaflet Missal Company: 1991
  • History of Eucharistic Adoration, CMJ Marian Publishers: 1991
  • The Catholic Discovery of America: 1992
  • Memoirs of Fatima: 1992
  • The Real Presence: 1992
  • Retreat with the Lord: A Popular Guide to the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola, Eternal Life: 2012
  • The Faith: A Popular Guide Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Noram International Partners LLC: 1995
  • Catechism on the Gospel of Life, Eternal Life: 1996
  • A Prophet for the Priesthood: A Spiritual Biography of Father Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald, Eternal Life: 1998
  • Father Hardon’s Catholic Prayer Book, Eternal Life Inc.: 1999
  • Spiritual Life in the Modern World, Eternal Life: 2000
  • Catholic Catechism on the Angels, Eternal Life: 2000
  • A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, 1st Books Library: 2001
  • With Us Today: On the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Saint Austin Press: 2002
  • The History and Theology of Grace, Sapientia Press: 2005
  • Meditations on the Angels, Eternal Life: 2006

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